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In today’s workforce the Millennial Generation has become the single most talked about challenge facing any C-level executive. Here is what your audience will discover during this educational, interactive and motivational session:

  • 7 things the Millennial Generation rebel against
  • 6 ways to make Millennials in the Workplace feel appreciated
  • 5 ways to build better relationships between the different generations
  • How to get Millennials in the Workplace to meet deadlines
  • A Millennial Characteristic is that they don’t care about pay raises
  • How the Millennial Generation is affecting your bottom line?
  • What about the Generation after the Millennials?

Invest today in the talents of the Millennial generation so they can positively impact your workforce and improve your bottom line during the next decade.

Personality Profiling:

Success in business depends on the strength of your relationships, internally and externally. This interactive session provides your team a formula to identify and adjust their approach to the variety of personalities, co-workers and clients they confront every day. Your team will be engaged and entertained while developing their own relationship building skills in a whole new way.

Retain that Corporate Knowledge:

Why wait until your senior level employees announce their retirement to transfer all their company skill and knowledge. Develop a transfer/exit strategy for all employees before they decide to forego the 9-5 for a day with the grandkids. The concepts learned in this workshop have been implemented by Fortune 50 companies to exchange critical data during employee transitions.

Building Teams that Work:

Imagine being teamed up with 7 strangers for three weeks to summit the highest peak in North America. Then imagine experiencing life and death situations in extremely hazardous conditions and your team started falling apart early in the expedition. In business as in life, the success of reaching the goal is determined by the strength of the team. As a keynote speaker, Brooke will deliver stories of heartache, despair, triumph and victory that connected strangers to a single moment of success and bonded them forever. Learn the disciplines from these stories and build millennial characteristics into the greatest teams ever.

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How can I help my management team improve productivity among the different generational groups?

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Brooke Chesnut will share 30 years of experience, results and stories to encourage your leadership team while engaging millennials in the workplace to become more productive. You will feel the enthusiasm of mentoring programs as Brooke shares three concepts that you can apply immediately to transform your workforce.

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