What an honor to be finally selected as the 99th member of the prestigious AdAmAn Club!  This year will mark my 8th summit of Pikes Peak on New Years Eve, however, because I am the new member it my privilege to lead 35 members successfully to the summit.  Membership to this club does not come easily, you must persevere year after year as a guest while building trust and camaraderie with other members during each climb.  The trust runs deep and is a hallmark for others to embrace so the tradition of adding new members can continue.  The beauty of this experience is captured with photos, videos and a soon to be released documentary to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the AdAmAn club.  Later in the Spring of 2017 a trailer of the film will be released for viewing with the main film being prepared for release in 2022.  I am grateful to the Board of Directors for selecting me and I look forward to providing leadership, community and respect to all members as we continue this amazing tradition.   Brooke Chesnut