Case Study: What Makes Brooke Unique?

What do you get when you combine 30 years of Sales and Sales Leadership in different industries with the unpredictable adventures of climbing the Seven Summits of the World?

Brooke Chesnut! That’s right………a unique Keynote Speaker.

What a rare combination of leadership experience accented by the unbelievable stories of scaling the highest mountains in the world. Brooke Chesnut is that rare keynote speaker that engages the audience with his enthusiasm to share concepts for success and then motivates them to reach higher, farther and deeper than they have gone before.

Brooke’s resume is different than other Keynote speakers: he has the ability to make you think differently about your workforce and then prepare you for the future. His experience in building successful teams to finish a project is similar to rallying the expedition members to find the strength to reach the summit. Brooke’s main goal is to provide the audience with takeaways they can apply immediately to improve their performance and increase their company’s bottom line.

When your next meeting or conference needs a unique perspective about meeting challenges, overcoming obstacles and improving performance, Brooke Chesnut can ignite the audience to increase your market share.



I use my 30 years of corporate experience combined with climbing the highest peaks around the world, drawing from those experiences, to help entrepreneurs and business leaders improve their leadership skills, overcome adversity, and grow their businesses in a competitive environment. It starts with leveraging the passionate skillsets of four different generations in today’s workforce to create a powerful unifying experience.


I’ve personally built two seven-figure businesses and operated as team leader for industry-leading Sales and Marketing teams. I also serve as an Adjunct Professor at the Daniels School of Business for the University of Denver, leading seminars about “Leadership in the Cross-Generational Workplace” to their corporate clients.

WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE (What’s your ‘why’?):

I bring a unique perspective as a worldwide mountaineer who’s conquered five of the world’s Seven Summits. My leadership model was dynamically influenced investing time climbing Mount Everest with a multigenerational team. It was that experience that forever changed how I see entrepreneurship and leadership in business. A business owner can learn as much from a mountain expedition as a mountaineer can learn from an entrepreneur’s everyday struggles as they race to victory.


As a featured speaker I connect with my audiences through a highly conversational, story-driven, and visual experience. I try to take my audiences to the mountainside with me so they can see what I saw, sense what I felt, and learn what I realized.