This is our world: Baby Boomers choosing to work longer while Gen Xers are demanding a promotion and Millennials are pushing everyone out of the way because of their “entitlement” to success.


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You are frustrated because you know the generational transition is here to stay. How can I help my management team improve productivity among the different generational groups?



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What do you get when you combine 30 years of Sales and Sales Leadership in different industries with the unpredictable adventures of climbing the Seven Summits of the World?


brooke chesnutBusiness leaders, entrepreneurs and HR professionals face a mountainous challenge of engaging four generations in today’s workforce. How do you engage the talent, drive, and creativity of a widely diverse workforce to deliver successful results in your business? For many organizations, this question is a matter of pure survival.

Brooke Chesnut’s approach is a can’t-miss, never-forget experience. He leverages 30 years of business leadership expertise and blends the experiences from climbing five of the world’s Seven Summits. Brooke delivers proven concepts that leverage generational skill sets that impact your bottom line while developing trust in your organization. These concepts will engage your workforce, improve efficiency and increase revenues as you realize the unique value of opening the “Intergenerational Pipeline of Wisdom.”

Brooke Chesnut has successfully summited five of the world’s Seven Summits, but it was his Mount Everest experience that impacted his Leadership model forever.. Brooke shares this powerful message on how lessons learned at the Top of The World ignited his passion to help business leaders navigate the challenges of Talent Management within a Cross-generational Workforce.

You team will learn how to be better prepared to Engage your talent, embrace three key elements of conquering Mount Everest, AND what action steps to take next to be successful in building a sustainable enterprise today and well into the future.

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